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Bring back a Minister for Older People

Minister for Older People - Campaign

We are calling for the new leader of the SNP and First Minister of Scotland to bring back a named minister for older people when they form a new government.

The Minister for Older People role existed from 2018 until the formation of the previous First Minister’s Government in March 2023.

Scotland’s population is ageing, and it is doing so faster than the rest of the UK. There is much to celebrate about our older population and the tremendous value they offer the country, but far too many face significant and long-lasting challenges in their lives such as poverty and low income, poor health, loneliness, discrimination, and social exclusion.

Only 13% of people over the age of 50 in Scotland feel valued by society and 12% feel life is getting better for older people. Over half of over 50s (56%) feel that life is getting worse for older people in Scotland.

Just 3% of over 50s feel it is easy to have their voice heard, and 8% are satisfied that politicians and decision makers have due consideration of older people.

Having ministerial responsibility for older people demonstrates a serious commitment to improving the lives of the over 50s in Scotland, progresses equality, and signals to a growing and substantial group of people that they are valued and a core consideration of the Scottish Government.

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