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Impact Report

Impact Report 2023 Cover

As Scotland’s national charity for older people, we focused much of our work in 2023 on supporting older people through this difficult period with advice, information, friendship, benefits checks, financial planning, practical help, campaigning and influencing.

Our helpline offers vital support around income maximisation and our community development work focuses on enabling and empowering community-based activities, through the work of the member groups and offering connections and support in other ways too, for instance through the Unforgotten Forces consortium.

All this work supports and empowers older people.

Last year saw an expansion in many areas of our work – the welcome return of Community Connecting, for example, a friendship service which helps reduce isolation and loneliness by connecting older people to groups and activities in their area. The height of the Covid-19 pandemic may be behind us, but its isolating effects are still being felt and a vital part of our work is tackling the chronic loneliness which afflicts so many older people.

Your advice has been lifechanging

Helpline caller

I have no one in my family left so this helps me so much

Friendship line caller

We are proud of the work we do and how we support older people in Scotland. Our Impact Report outlines what we achieved together last year.

While we have been able to support thousands of people in later life, there are many more who still desperately need our help. We are more determined than ever to be there for those older people most in need and remain committed to ensuring that Scotland becomes the best place in the world to grow older. But we can’t do that alone. 

Together, we can make Scotland the best place in the world to grow older.

I chose to run the Supernova 5k to raise money for Age Scotland because I want to help older people, so they don’t feel so lonely