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Older People's Champions

Older People's champion - group meeting

Age Scotland believes that every one of Scotland’s 32 local authorities should appoint a Councillor as an Older People’s Champion. We are working with the Scottish Older People’s Assembly (SOPA) on a joint campaign to make this happen.

With a growing older population, we think it is vital that local decision-making in Scotland meets the needs of older people and that councils have a role focusing on older people.

What is an Older People’s Champion?

An Older People’s Champion is an ambassadorial role, held by an elected Councillor. Their job is to be a link between the council and older people in the local area.

Older People’s Champions identify the issues impacting people locally. They are the face of the council for older people and amplify their voices within the council chamber.

Why are they important?

Local authorities are responsible for providing and supporting services which many older people use frequently – such as public transport, social care provision, planning and community services.

With many local authority budgets under pressure and as we all attempt to cope with the rising cost of living, older people need someone specifically tasked with standing up for their interests and finding out what they need from local decision makers.

We believe that the lasting impact of COVID-19 and the rising cost of living on older people has only heightened the case for Older People’s Champions, who play a vital role in amplifying the voices of older people in their areas.