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Age Demographic Data

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Monitoring the age of your staff, the age of your recruitment intake and the age of the people leaving you is an essential first step towards managing age diversity.

There are many reasons to include age in your data collection processes. It's not just about being able to report the current workforce’s age demographics. It’s important to think more broadly. And particularly, to think about age related data alongside other protected characteristics.

Even if you already know the value of collecting data, and acting on it, there are  reasons why upping your game on age-related data might be useful to you:

  • Workforce planning - Are there areas at risk of attrition due to staff approaching an age at which they are more likely to be considering retirement, or are feeling undervalued?
  • Unintended consequences of recruitment or training policies - for example, what percentage of new recruits are over 50? Or, does the percentage of your training budget spent on the over 50s match the percentage of workers over 50s?
  • Gathering evidence regarding claims of unlawful age discrimination.

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