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Financial Wellbeing Webinar

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Our Financial Wellbeing webinar is the perfect employee benefit to support your colleagues who are not ready for a retirement workshop, but are keen to improve their financial situation, both now and in the future.

Across the UK 4.1 million worker days each year are lost in absences because of lack of financial wellbeing – equivalent to £626 million in lost output. 

Following feedback from more than 4,000 Planning for Your Future workshop attendees that ‘they wish they had known more about money 20 or 30 years ago’, we have developed this Financial Wellbeing webinar.

Perfect for a "lunch ‘n’ learn", over one hour our financial experts share information on pensions, savings, debt and budgeting as well as the psychological research on financial behaviours.

With 700,000 people in Scotland at risk of, or already in, problem debt and a reported 20% increase in adults seeking advice on debt since 2021 there is no more important time to support your teams with financial advice.

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