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Functional Fitness MOT

Fitness older women

Functional Fitness MOT is a unique, targeted health and wellbeing product for individual team members aged over 50. These sessions support colleagues to be aware of their health and fitness in a safe, non-judgemental space, motivating them to make positive changes.

The sickness absence rate in the UK is the highest it has been in ten years, and poor health and wellbeing are consistently linked to lower levels of workplace productivity. Adults over the age of 50 report lower overall levels of happiness and wellbeing.

Our Functional Fitness MOT has been created to address these issues in the workplace by running nine proven fitness tests, delivered by our expert team, who offer practical, researched, advice to encourage healthy changes for a happier personal and work life.

Functional Fitness MOT can:

  • Support older workers to live their healthiest life
  • Reduce absence
  • Reduce early retirement
  • Attract and retain employees with an appealing company benefit

As a result of participating in this workshop, attendees will:

  • complete a series of exercises in order benchmark their strength, balance and flexibility against their age group
  • develop an action plan to improve their strength, balance and flexibility
  • learn about small changes they can make to improve their physical health to improve their strength, balance and flexibility as they move into later life.

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