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Care Home Guide: Living in a Care Home

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This guide is for anyone considering moving into a care home, or already living in one.

Moving to a care home is an option some of us may need or want to consider as we get older. Your move may be carefully planned, or it might happen more quickly due to an accident or illness causing you to need more support. In either case, it is important you know what to expect, and have the information you need to play a full and active role in making decisions about your care.

Planning your move can bring with it a number of considerations, from how to pay for care to choosing which care home you want to live in. It is also important to think about your health and wellbeing once you move and what life will be like when you are there. This guide aims to provide information on living in a care home and your rights as a care home resident. Although each care home is different, it outlines what you can generally expect from a good care home, and what to do if there is a problem. 

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