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Care Home Guide: Contracts and paying for your own care

Paying for your own care

Even if you think you will not qualify for help with care home fees, it is a good idea to speak to your council (or in some areas such as Highland, the health board). The council can help you to find a place in a care home, and will pay for any personal or nursing care you are assessed as needing.

When you agree to move into a care home, you should receive a contract. A care home contract is usually called a residency agreement. It is different to the type of contract you would have if you rented a flat or house; the rights you have with a care home contract are from consumer law, not housing law.

You should be given the contract and other information relating to the care home as soon as possible and it should be clear and easy to understand.You should have the opportunity to take away a copy of it to read before you sign it. This is an important decision about your future; get advice before you sign if you don’t understand the contract’s terms and conditions.

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