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Fire safety and older people in Scotland

Fire alarm

It is important that you are aware of the risk that fires can pose to older people, as statistically people over fifty are more at risk of fire than younger people.

Many accidental fires that cause injury or death are caused by a lack of concentration, or problems with thinking or remembering. Some health conditions and medications can affect alertness, concentration and the ability to react quickly. If you are concerned about the side effects of your medication, you should speak to your GP.

Another major cause of fatal fires is the unsafe disposal of smouldering cigarettes, tobacco or matches. The NHS24 Quit Your Way Scotland service can offer support and advice if you are trying to stop smoking. If you do smoke, never smoke in bed, and always ensure your cigarette, cigar or pipe is fully extinguished after use. 

People who are on a low income can be at increased risk if they cannot afford to repair or replace faulty equipment such as cookers, electric blankets and electrical sockets. If you need repairs in your home there may be a local Care and Repair service who could help. You may also be able to apply for financial help through the Scottish Welfare Fund.

Our Fire Safety and older people in Scotland guide aims to help you reduce the risk of fire in your home. It also includes important information on the current heat, smoke and carbon monoxide alarm laws. 

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