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Blog: Volunteers' Week - the benefit of corporate volunteering

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5 June 2024

John Fraser came to Age Scotland as a volunteer through our corporate partnership with Sky Cares and has been part of Age Scotland's Friendship service for the past four years. This Volunteers’ Week, we found out more about his role and the positive impact it has on the people he speaks with.

What made you want to volunteer with Age Scotland and how did you first get involved?

I like to help and do some good. My previous volunteering role was stopped due to Covid-19 and my work were promoting new opportunities like this.

Why is volunteering important to you?

It is important as you hear that you are making a difference to some people, some people are so grateful for your call and the support team know you are volunteering too and they are so grateful too.

I am there for people through the bad and the good.

Do you have a favourite volunteering story you would like to share?

I spoke to someone that had suffered a fall and hurt their head and was able to make sure he had follow-up support. Being there for people that perhaps don’t have others to contact or speak to means we can put them in touch with relevant services.

People get to recognise your voice and look forward to your call. Because I tell people jokes, I had someone say, “Oh John, I have been saving some jokes for you!” which was lovely. It’s great to build a relationship with people you can speak to every couple of months.

What would you say to someone considering volunteering?

If you are thinking about it, do it! You will be making a difference in someone's life!