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Age Scotland welcomes launch of new national dementia delivery plan

Kainde Manji - dementia strategy launch

19 February 2024

Following the publication of ‘Dementia in Scotland: Everyone’s Story Delivery Plan 2024-2026’, Age Scotland’s Head of Dementia, Dr Kainde Manji, said:

“We are delighted that the Scottish Government’s new dementia delivery plan has been published and commend the steps taken to involve people with lived experience and other stakeholders at every stage of the process.

“This plan is an important part in realising the Scottish Government’s ambitious ten year strategy to ensure that every person living with dementia receives the care and support they deserve. It can build on existing good practice and continues its commitment to improving the lives of those living with dementia and their unpaid carers.

“The creation of a Community Resilience Program Board which has people with lived experience, those involved in delivery and local authorities around the table will ensure that vital community-based support, such as meeting centres and dementia friendly communities, are given what they need to thrive in the long term.

“We are determined that this plan is a success for everyone who relies on it and look forward working with the Scottish Government to ensure that it delivers for people living with dementia today and in the future.”

Maree Todd, Minister for Social Care, Mental Wellbeing said:

“I’m very proud that both the strategy and the delivery plan are the result of collaboration with the voices of people with lived experience of dementia, alongside wider partners. This engagement will continue throughout the lifetime of the strategy through our Strategy Delivery Group, to ensure we hold each other to account.

“I look forward to continuing to work with COSLA, and other partners as we move this dementia strategy into delivery, to achieve our ambition to keep people living with dementia well for longer, in a setting of their choice.”