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Covid-19 Inquiry Listening Project: 'Let's Be Heard'

Insight into COVID-19's disproportionate impact on individuals with dementia and unpaid carers: A Comprehensive Report (December 2023).

Proposed Commissioner for Older People Bill: Consultation Response

A response to consultation by Colin Smyth MSP to introduce a Commissioner for Older People (Scotland) Bill (September 2023).

Adult Disability Payment: Review of the Mobility Component

Submission on the Scottish Government's consultation on the review of the mobility component within Adult Disability Payment (April 2023).

Impact Report: 2019 - 2023

An impact report for the About Dementia programme, 2019-23 (April 2023).

Summit on Care Home Residents' Right to Vote

Summit on Care Home Residents' Right to Vote: About Dementia's Consultation Response (March 2023).

Adult Disability Payment: Consultation Response

A joint submission by Age Scotland and About Dementia responding to Scottish Government's consultation on draft regulations for Adult Disability Payment (March 2023).