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The Big Survey 2023

Big Survey cover

The aim of The Big Survey is to capture the views and experiences of people over the age of 50, identify the challenges older people face in Scotland today, and broadly track how lives have changed over time.

It explores a wide range of topics including health and wellbeing, the workplace, finances, social issues, social care, transport, community and housing, the use of technology, social security, and planning for the future.

Our first edition of this extensive national survey was undertaken in 2021, soon after the second national “lockdown”, and gave us eye-opening insight into the severe impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the lives of older people. Two years later, the effects of this virus and how it changed our society are still deeply felt by older people - particularly so with regards to health, confidence, and access to vital services.

This second edition is even bigger than the first, with more than 4,100 over 50s from all over Scotland taking part.


of people tell us they are living in poverty


older people are lonely all or most of the time

55 out 100

people say they are worried about paying the bills