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Returning to Scotland from Abroad

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If you are a British citizen who has lived abroad, and you are considering returning to live in Scotland, you may find this guide useful. It provides information about some of the things you might need to consider, including access to healthcare, social care and benefits.

When planning to return to Scotland, there are many things you may want to think about, such as:

  • where will you live?
  • will family members move with you?
  • will you be bringing any pets with you?
  • how will you move your belongings?
  • what support will you need, and do you have people who can help?
  • will you need to apply for benefits when you move?
  • will you be able to move straight into a permanent home, or will you need somewhere temporary to begin with?
  • will you be bringing a car to the UK?

Our Returning to Scotland from abroad guide aims to help with these questions, and make the process of moving less complicated.

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