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Worried an older person is being abused?

Worried an older person is being abused

Some older people in Scotland experience abuse, harm and neglect. It can take many forms including physical, emotional, sexual and financial. They may be abused by people they thought they could trust, in places where they should be safe. Anyone can be at risk of abuse, but older people can be particularly vulnerable if they need to depend on others, are frail, have health problems or problems with thinking or memory.

The symptoms of abuse are different for different people and different types of abuse. Signs can include:

  • changes in behaviour, including aggression, anger or depression
  • anxiety or withdrawal
  • not wanting to be left alone with someone
  • difficulty in getting access to the older person
  • unexplained or repeated injuries or falls
  • unexplained difficulty sitting or walking
  • deterioration in appearance or personal hygiene
  • inadequate food, drink or medical care
  • lack of money for basic necessities, or unexplained withdrawals from their bank account

If you are experiencing abuse, or are concerned about someone who may be, the Hourglass confidential helpline can provide advice and support. You can call them on 0808 808 8141, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Our Worried an older person is being abused? guide can help you know what to do, if you are concerned that someone you know may be experiencing abuse. 

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