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We know that growing older doesn't come with a manual. Later life may bring changes and opportunities to your life and you may need to know about rights, organisations and services which are unfamiliar to you.

We provide free information and advice to help you on diverse topics ranging from claiming benefits and Power of Attorney, to care at home and care homes.  Please browse our guides and place your order below.

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  • LEG8 Planning for your future healthcare thumbnail

    Planning for your future healthcare

    Information about Advance Directives and Advance Statements, anticipatory care planning and other medical decisions.

  • LEG1 Power of Attorney thumbnail

    Power of Attorney

    A Power of Attorney is a way to give someone the legal right to make decisions on your behalf if you become unable to make them yourself, and to support you with managing your finances.

  • DEM1 Reducing your risk of dementia thumbnail

    Reducing your risk of dementia

    Currently, there is no cure for dementia, and it cannot be entirely prevented, but there are steps you can take to improve your general health and lower your risk.

  • Returning to Scotland from Abroad front cover

    Returning to Scotland from Abroad

    Useful information if you are a British citizen who has lived abroad, and you are considering returning to live in Scotland.

  • Front cover of Rights of LGBTQ older people guide

    Rights of LGBTQ+ older people in Scotland

    Most of the issues, advice and policies relating to later life apply to everyone equally, but there are some things that may affect members of the LGBTQ+ community differently.

  • Scottish Welfare Fund guide front cover

    Scottish Welfare Fund

    The Scottish Welfare Fund helps people on a low income who are in difficult situations, by providing cash or goods to help in an emergency, or to support someone to live in their community.

  • State Pension front cover

    State Pension

    Find out about how and when to claim your State Pension, and how to deal with any problems.

  • LEG10 Staying safe from abuse thumbnail

    Staying safe from abuse

    Information about sources of help if you are experiencing abuse, worried about abuse or concerned that someone you know is being abused.

  • VET11 Support for Older LGBT Veterans thumbnail

    Support for Older LGBT+ Veterans in Scotland

    This guide offers members of the ex-service LGBTQ+ community information and advice on support available in later life. It is published by Age Scotland in partnership with Fighting With Pride

  • LEG11 The older workers' guide thumbnail

    The Older Worker's Guide

    Information about rights and issues for older employees, including where to find advice about problems at work.

  • VET4 The Veteran's Guide to Later Life in Scotland

    The Veteran's Guide to Later Life in Scotland

    Past military service can open the door to extra support and opportunities.

  • VET3 Unforgotten Forces Directory

    Unforgotten Forces directory

    A directory of Unforgotten Forces partners and services


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