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We know that growing older doesn't come with a manual. Later life may bring changes and opportunities to your life and you may need to know about rights, organisations and services which are unfamiliar to you.

We provide free information and advice to help you on diverse topics ranging from claiming benefits and Power of Attorney, to care at home and care homes.  Please browse our guides and place your order below.

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  • HWB4 Keeping well and who can help thumbnail

    Keeping well and who can help

    Information and advice about keeping on top of your emotional and mental wellbeing.

  • HWB19 Keeping your feet in later life

    Keeping your feet in later life

    Although falls may become more of a concern in later life, there are things you can do to be more confident, steady and safe on your feet.

  • LEG2 Legal options for someone who has lost capacity thumbnail

    Legal options for someone who has lost capacity

    Information about ways to support someone who has lost capacity with their welfare and financial matters.

  • Lifebook front cover


    Later life can involve a lot of paperwork. Our Lifebook can help you to organise the things you may need at short notice, or in an emergency.

  • DEM5 Living well with early stage dementia thumbnail

    Living Well With Early-Stage Dementia

    Learn what services are available to support you and practical information that can help if you or someone you care about are diagnosed with early-stage dementia.

  • LEG4 Making your Will thumbnail

    Making your Will

    It is important to make a Will. In Scotland there are legal rules for dividing up property if someone dies without a Will, but there can be uncertainty, disputes and legal expenses, and surviving relatives may need to go to court to sort things out.

  • HWB5 A guide to mental capacity thumbnail

    Mental Capacity in Scotland

    Information about what mental capacity means in Scotland, how the law works in practice and where to get advice.

  • Money Matters guide front cover

    Money Matters

    Some people find it difficult to discuss personal money matters, but there are many sources of free and confidential information and advice that can provide guidance and support. This guide looks at some common money issues in later life.

  • HWB7 NHS services for older people thumbnail

    NHS services for older people

    Information about the NHS services available to support older people, as well as advice about where to turn for any health issues you may experience.

  • LEG12 Older drivers' guide thumbnail

    Older driver's guide

    Information about driving safely for longer, your legal responsibilities for renewing your driving licence and tips for ways to get around if you feel it is time to stop driving.

  • HOU12 Older Homeowners Guide thumbnail

    Older Homeowner's Guide

    Our Older Homeowner's Guide will help you to make sure the place you live meets your needs as you get older. It covers repairs, adaptations, security, money, wellbeing and how to deal with some common problems faced by homeowners.

  • Pension Credit guide front cover

    Pension Credit

    If you have a low income and modest savings, Pension Credit can top up your income and give you access to other benefits and cost savings.


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