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Benefits Maze

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Benefits can seem complicated, but can also provide vital money in your pocket to support you, so it is important to know what you could claim. 

Your entitlement to benefits could depend on:

  • your age and sometimes your partner’s age
  • your income and savings, and sometimes your partner’s income and savings
  • your National Insurance contributions or credits
  • your immigration status and how long you have lived in the UK
  • if you are working or retired
  • if you have a health condition or disability
  • if you have a health condition or disability that was caused or made worse by service in the Armed Forces
  • if you provide unpaid care for someone

Our Benefits Maze guide aims to help you through the maze of benefits, pensions and social security, enabling you to claim any extra money you are entitled to.

Benefit Workshops

The benefits system is complicated. It can be difficult to work out what you are entitled to, and how to claim it. Find out more about joining one of our Benefit Workshops here

You can also order paper copies of our guides

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