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Attendance Allowance

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Although many people continue to enjoy good health well into later life, some people find that they need help with some of their day-to-day tasks. 

Attendance Allowance is extra money from the government to help with the cost of your care needs if you have reached State Pension age (currently age 66 for both men and women), have an health condition or disability and don’t already receive Adult Disability Payment, Personal Independence Payment, Disability Living Allowance, Armed Forces Independence Payment or Constant Attendance Allowance.

There are two rates of Attendance Allowance:

  • a lower rate if you need care, help or supervision during the day or during the night 
  • a higher rate if you need care, help or supervision during the day and during the night

You do not have to be getting help from a carer to qualify, as Attendance Allowance is based on the help you need, not the help you actually receive. You don’t have to spend the money on paying for care, and you won’t be asked about how you spend the
money, or asked to provide any evidence.

Attendance Allowance is tax free and non means-tested, so it doesn’t matter how much you have in savings.

Being awarded Attendance Allowance can increase your entitlement to other means-tested benefit entitlements or give you an entitlement you didn’t have before, so have a benefit check if you start receiving it. 

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